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Upon Using This Site

This website ( is operated by Healthcare Corporation The Tokushinkai Group. Please note the following terms and conditions upon using this site.


Copyrights and other rights pertaining to all of the material displayed on the Tokushinkai Groupfs website, including text, graphics, design, and trademarks shall remain the property of the group or their respective authors or right-holders. This website and its contents may not be distributed, copied, or changed without permission of the group, with the exception of personal use or as permitted by law. If the need to use the website or its contents arises, please contact the groupfs head office. Please be forewarned, however, that the usage of the website may be declined in cases such as the following:

For example:

  • When portraits are contained.
  • When the third partyfs copyrighted work, trademark, and/or the groupfs trademark is contained.
  • When the group finds the usage or its purpose inappropriate.

Upon using the website content in an approved fashion as stated above, any copyright notices included in the content shall not be changed nor deleted.


In no event will the group be liable for the data and content of any website linked to the groupfs website. Furthermore, the group accepts no liability whatsoever for any trouble, damages or losses that may arise from the use of information or materials from the groupfs website.


The group does not provide any guarantee as to the contents of any website linked from the group's website.


Please be forewarned that the website content and format may be changed or removed at any time without prior notification.


About links

  • In principle, there are no restrictions placed on linking to this website. However, in no event will the group be liable for any trouble or damages that may arise from linking to this website.
  • In principle, the linked URL shall be the top page at
    (This is for the purpose of avoiding any inconvenience due to problems such as dead links, as the URLs to the groupfs other webpages are more likely to be changed without notice.)
  • Please do not display the groupfs website in a frame or any other manner that may cause a third party to receive a false impression and become unclear as to the ownership of the groupfs website content.
  • Any activities that may infringe on the groupfs trademarks, intellectual property rights, assets, privacy, or portrait rights are prohibited.
  • Please contact the group's head office upon publishing the contents of this website in any publications such as magazines, books, and advertisements, or upon reprinting the material onto storage media such as a CD-ROM.

Should there be any differences in the interpretation of the Japanese and English language versions of these Terms and Conditions, the Japanese version shall have priority.

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