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Human Development Academy

Human Development Academy

A Seminar for acquiring knowledge, honing skills, and building experience.

Tokushinkai Group strives to cultivate staff members that are not only masters of their profession, but also invaluable members of the greater society. For the betterment and overall growth of our human resources, the Tokushinkai Group regularly invites outside speakers to conduct technical training workshops, case conferences, technical study sessions, and adult education seminars, and learning about our nation “Vision of the Nation”, all based upon our yearly theme.

In addition, at select Tokushinkai clinics that have been certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as clinical training facilities, we provide high-quality training to increase the professionalism and skillset of our staff.

We are constantly striving to cultivate staff members who fulfill our patients’ wishes. Thus, from here on, we will continue to provide our staff with top class education and training that nurtures both knowledge and honing skills.

Education Programs

Tokushinkai has its unique staff education programs, Human Development Academy (HDA), that offers over 1,000 hours of various educational training programs every year. HDA aconsists of 4 courses, Technical Skills (acquiring knowledge and skills), Management Skills (studying business management), Global Skills (Learning point of view and insight as a global citizen), and Human Skills (Nurturing the quality of being human). Our goal is nurturing a world-class person who can work globally.

Distinguished Staff Awards

Tokushinkai has been recognizing excellent accomplishments with the Distinguished Staff Awards that consist of two prizes, contribution awards and extra effort awards. Both these awards are divided into 5 sections and 2 sections respectively;
The Contribution awards: the number of patients, Profit performance, Branding, Improvement, Recruitment sections and The extra effort awards: individual and clinic team awards.
We celebrate their achievements at our monthly award ceremony or annual Total Quality Control Convention.

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