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Prepared with the Finest Facilities to Treat Every Unique Tooth

Tokushinkai's clinics are all fully equipped with the latest technology\their cutting-edge CT scanners give highly accurate test results in real time, while their state-of-the-art operating rooms create an environment in which all kinds of advanced dental operations\even some of the most difficult\are performed with speediness and precision. Our spacious examination rooms provide a comfortable environment that helps to reduce the patientsf stress, while private rooms are provided for those who wish for more privacy. Our facilities and staff provide the utmost provisions and care for each and every patient.

Treatment Done with Safety, Security, and Artistry

Since every operatory at the Tokushinkai clinics is equipped with an electronic health record system, all Tokushinkai doctors are continually ready to give their patients thorough and accurate explanations about their dental conditions and treatment. Additionally, patients are presented with various options concerning their dental treatment, thus providing them with a sense of security and satisfaction.

High-quality restorations which come from our very own laboratories give our patients an additional sense of security that only Tokushinkai can offer. Because all technical work is done within our own group, we can confidently guarantee that our crowns, dentures, and other restorations are made with safe materials approved by pharmaceutical laws.

With us, patients are sure to be safe and satisfied.

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