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November 27th : Appeared on NIIGATA NIPPO: hA Trainable Clinic Openedh

On Nov. 27, 2008, the Tokushinkai Group was introduced on the economic page of Niigata Nippo.

Matsumura Dental Clinic Niitsu located in Akiba ward, Niigata prefecture, where our group was originally founded

November 21st : The 4th International Congress of Dental Technology / The 30th Meeting of the Nippon Academy of Dental Technology

One of the largest congress in the dental technology industry which are held once in a decade, the 4th International Congress of Dental Technology and the 30th Meeting of the Nippon Academy of Dental Technology took place at Osaka International Convention Center from Nov. 21st to Nov. 23rd.
At the congress, Naoki Hayashi of Ultimate Styles Dental Laboratory, our group's technical department, made 1 hour special lecture. His lecture was highly successful with lots of standing audiences in the hall. Later at the dental show exhibition hall, Naoki Hayashi and Akinobu Ogata of World Lab USA, our group's technical department, gave hands-on-lecture respectively which were also great success.
Also, at the technical contest held during the congress, our group's Akinobu Ogata received the Head of Congress Award among the many contestants attended. We were encouraged by his high evaluation at such a prestigious congress and will continue to make further achievement.

November 9th : Tokushinkai Dental Clinic Wuxi, the Tokushinkai Group's 31st clinic opened.

On Nov. 9, 2008, the Tokushinkai Group's 31st clinic, Tokushinkai Dental Clinic Wuxi was opened. Wuxi city in Jiangsu is located in the new district of southern Wuxi, near Suzhou city. Wuxi is also a well known tourist city for Lake Tai, one of the 5 biggest freshwater lakes in China.

Tokushinkai Dental Clinic Wuxi has total area of 320?with 6 private rooms each with different themes. As for the equipment such as treatment unit and x-ray machine, Germany's SIEMENS are installed. Clinical records, such as x-ray pictures and other necessary data for treatment are all digitalized.

The clinic is opened 7 days a week with English and Japanese speaking staff assigned which makes it worry-free for travelers and allows to get complete treatment back in Japan as all the clinics provides the same full assurance system throughout the group.

To become the best dentistry group in the world, the Tokushinkai Group will make continuous effort to offer our treatment philosophy to more people in Asia.

August 5th : Appeared on THE NIKKEI: gIntroducing Leading Edge Facilitiesh

On Aug. 5, the relocation and the renewal of Matsumura Dental Clinic Niitsu (Akiba ward, Niigata city) appeared on Niigata economic edition of The Nikkei.

The new clinic has 12 treatment tables, 5 private treatment rooms and 2 sterilized surgical rooms on the 1st floor. The clinic is equipped with the latest dental equipment for laser treatment and CT scan, etc. The 2nd floor will be mainly used as a training space for human resources development. Doctors and staff can also monitor surgery for training purpose from the 2nd floor watching images sent from a camera set up in the surgical room on the 1st floor.

July 2nd Appeared 8 consecutive years on QDT, the industry's prominent magazine.

Naoki Hayashi, the master ceramist of our group's technical department, World Lab USA the Ultimate Styles Dental Laboratory (the SP Department), was introduced in QDT Master Piece (July 2008 issue), the industry's prominent magazine. This is his 8 consecutive years of appearances in this magazine.

Although an ideal treatment and the actual treatment are not always consistent with each other, patients who have aesthetic complex should be provided the care beyond their expectations with best treatment, materials, and prosthetic appliance manufacturing methods. The article also shows 3 cases of aesthetic treatments with actual clinical photography.

gQDTh is dominant and the most attracted magazine in dental field which writes only about the highest top ceramists in all over the world, especially Japan, U.S.A. and Europe.

March 12 : Matsumura Dental Clinic Tachikawa granted Fire Safety Building Certificate

On March 12, Matsumura Dental Clinic Tachikawa, located in Tachikawa city, Tokyo was evaluated for their initiative on fire prevention and acquired Fire Safety Building Certificate (Excellence Mark) by Tokyo Fire Department.

The clinic will continue to take initiative on fire prevention for the safety of patients.

A list of certified Fire Safety Building is available on PDF file.

March 10 : Introducing AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

The Tokushinkai Group has installed AED.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is a medical device that gives electric shock to reestablish an effective rhythm to a heart that lost pumping ability (ventricular fibrillation). Since July 2004, anyone may use an AED, and many AEDs have been placed not only in hospitals, clinics, ambulances, but also in public areas like airports, train stations, sports clubs, schools, etc.
AED gives voice guidance to make it easy to operate.

March 3rd : The Tokushinkai Group has been revaluated

As of March 3, 2008, the group was revaluated for credit rating by Japan Credit Rating Agency Ltd. (JCR). The result was gBBh (Double B Flat), same as the last time.

On January 30, 2006, the Tokushinkai Group became the world's first to received the credit rating in the dental industry. The Group's governing structure, management culture, and disclosure policy for patients' satisfaction improvement received a comprehensive evaluation.

We will continue to aim to establish an organization that can be highly evaluated by third parties.

February 22 : Appeared on THE NIKKEI: gExpanding Dental Technique Businessh

The article focused on the Tokushinkai Group's advantage of scale in management, and mentioned about our dental technique section, World Lab Inc.'s ordering and production using dental CAD/CAM based in the US, China and Japan.

In the US as there is no public medical insurance, needs are high for ceramics. Therefore, the Tokushinkai Group take orders from the US in Japan and China and manufacture with CAD/CAM to reduce cost and speed up production


Tokushinkai Group's CAD/CAM made All-Ceramics:

Finest ceramics are made by CAD/CAM and skilled technicians give a special touch.

CAD/CAM All-Ceramics
All CAD/CAM made ceramics are offered at reasonable cost. Suitable for back teeth.

February 19 : The Tokushinkai Group's visiting lecturer/periodontist Dr. Ishikawa apperared in national television network.

Dr. Isao Ishikawa, the Group's visiting lecturer and affiliate professor of Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science Tokyo Women's Medical University, appeared on a national television program gTakeshi no Honto wa Kowai Katei no Igakuh.

In the program Dr. Ishikawa elaborated gum diseases that may affect to systemic illness.

TV program: gSaishu Keikoku!-Takeshi no Honto wa Kowai Katei no Igakuh
Station: National Television Network Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
Airdate: February 19, 2008 8:00pm-8:54pm

Dr. Ishikawa's periodontal treatment is available at Matsumura Dental Clinic Tachikawa in Tachikawa city, Tokyo. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

January 22 : Naoki Hayashi of World Lab USA made consecutive appearance on The International Journal of Dental Technology: Translated into 5 languages for the first time in the world.

A treatise and clinical photographs of Naoki Hayashi from the Tokushinkai Group's special section of World Lab USA, Ultimate Styles Dental Laboratory, were featured in January and February issue of monthly The International Journal of Dental Technology (Ishiyaku Publishing). Also, for the year 2008, Naoki Hayashi's pictures will be making the cover for all the issue of the magazine.

A Challenge to Natural Teeth -Colors & Beyond-*Insights on successful shade taking for a successful aesthetic repair treatment*

January issue (first part) features: gCustomer oriented shade taking environment and facilitiesh
February issue (sequel) features: gActuality of digital photography that improves precision of matchingh

This treatise was published on gDental Dialogueh (Germany, Italy, Russia) and gSPECTRUM Dialogueh (USA, Canada) and translated into 5 languages and released worldwide.

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