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November 21 : The Tokushinkai Group The 2nd Hong Kong Implant Training was held.

The 2nd Hong Kong Implant Training Advanced Course was held at a leading-edge implant center, gHong Kong Implant Centerh.

This time, followed by the 1st basic course, participants learned advanced techniques such as sinus lifting, socket lifting, flapless implant placement and implant inlay immediate loading.

December 1 : The price for All-ceramic will be reduced

As a respond to patients' needs the Tokushinkai Group will drastically reduce the price for All-ceramic as of Dec. 1, 2007. (CAD/CAM All-ceramic are not included)

As there is increasing concern about metal allergy, all-ceramic is recommended as it has better affinity for body.

Why not get gloss like natural teeth that has low impact on your body. For prices please contact our clinic near you.

November 19 : Akinobu Ogata's treatise published on Spectrum Dialogue

A treatise written by Akinobu Ogata from Ultimate Styles Dental Laboratory (SP section), Tokushinkai Group's technical department, was published on world's renowned industry magazine, gSPECTRUM DIALOGUEhij

The name of the treatise: gNatural-appearing implant restrationh

It writes up about actual clinical cases to illustrate how dental technicians take approaches to difficult implant cases where bone absorption is significantly seen.

Mr. Ogata's technique in representing minute details of the gingival color using porcelain is an eye opener that dental practioners all over the world also recognize his highly sophisticated technical skills.

This time it will be published in the US only, but soon to be translated into Japanese and released from Japanese publisher as well. (Release date to be confirmed)

November 15 : The Tokushinkai Group's cell phone website opened

On Nov. 15, the Tokushinkai Group's cell phone website was opened.
When you register as a member, you will receive notices on regular checkup, the Group's latest information and give-away compaigns, etc.

November 3 : Appeared on economic magazine gNIKKEI VENTUREh

The Group's president, Hiroshi Matsumura appeared in NIKKEI VENTURE's Nov. 2007 issue, a business magazine that focuses on the essence of corporate management. There, Matsumura talked about General Staff Inc., the Group's headquarters.

General Staff Inc. was introduced in the featured article, g Tokyo Small/Medium Businesses Investment & Consultation's 4th Valuable Corporate Support 2007 h as a company expanding business not only in Japan but overseas as well as.

General Staff Inc. was established in 1985 based on Matsumura's belief that in order to group dentistry, it is necessary to have a specialized entity to separate field of treatment and operation of clinic while sharing clinic's operation policy and service, for the improvement of clinics' efficiency.
By General Staff taking over clinics operation, it allows to provide 'patient-oriented service' that is different from general dental clinics such as listening to patients' requests, introducing patients' opinions in clinic's letterzine, etc. We strive toward transparency of clinic operation and improvement of medical service. The article said that the reinforcement of General Staff's management is essential to make the Tokushinkai Group the world's best dental group and that it would promote management innovation towards the realization of their goal.

October 3 : Appeared on gZERO-Summer Edition-h, World Lab USA's specialized magazine

World Lab USA was featured in a dental technician's specialized magazine gZERO-Summer Editionh (ZERO Publishing of Osaka Ceramic Training Center) as gan active laboratory in overseash.

ZERO has started by internationally renowned director of Osaka Ceramic Training Center, Shigeo Kataoka, under his idea to make a magazine to help and support all dental technicians to learn from basics (zero) and obtain high level of skills.

The article talked about World Lab USA and introduced some episodes of Mr. Yamakawa, the manager, such as when he first visited the US 7 years ago to launch the company. Although Mr. Yamakawa couldn't speak English his positive mind made it through; sharing his business dreams in a sleeping bag and a candlelight, applauding with his staff when they got the very first order, and after 6 years of establishment, they are getting orders across the US, being invited to lecture from all over the world, publishing photo collections, getting orders from Hollywood celebrities and etc. At the end he gave message to the next generation of dental technicians: gIf you really want to change this industry to a better place, think what you need to do at this moment, make a step forward and challenge. I wish more dental technicians to fly high in the future and make the world their stage.
This interview article and the magazine can be viewed at our clinics.

September 18 : Training started at Tokushinkai Hong Kong Implant Center

Tokushinkai's implant training has started at the world's most successful cutting-edge implant center, 'Hong Kong Implant Center'.

From the Tokushinkai Group, the president Matsumura and other 10 doctors attended the lectures and studied the world's most advanced technology and system.

The Tokushinkai Group has technical cooperation with Hong Kong implant center and will be conducting regular training throughout the year to provide the world's latest implant technology to the patients.

*Dental Implant: A treatment to recover chewing function by implanting artificial dental root into the jaw bone where tooth is lost.

September 2 : Thank you for your cooperation

All the clinics at the Tokushinkai Group collected donation for Niigataken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake that occurred on July 16. As a result, we collected total of 350,515 yen and with donations collected from our group, on Sept.2, we donated to Niigata prefecture Chuetsu area through Niigata prefecture disaster headquarter.

We deeply thank you for your cooperation.

August 30 : The Tokushinkai Group opened the 30th clinic in Suzhou

On Aug. 20, 2007, the Tokushinkai Group opened its 30th clinic 'Suzhou Tokuseikai Oral Clinic'.

Suzhou Tokuseikai Oral Clinic is located at the Emerald Square, today's most popular place newly opened at Suzhou High Technology Park.

The clinic has 6 uniquely decorated individual examination rooms allowing patients to receive treatment in private. In order to provide high-quality medical service to the patients, patients' data are managed with a digital system using dental software.

Japanese speaking staff is available so please feel free to visit the clinic for those who reside in Suzhou and travelers.

July 5 : Appeared on The Nikkei: gSelling in China; higher expectation in technology exchange than profith

On July 5, 2007, the Tokushinkai Group appeared in The Nikkei, an article titled gSelling in China; higher expectation in technology exchange than profith.

The article wrote about business expansion in China and technology exchange: gSending our domestic dentists to get trained on implant treatment in Asia's most advanced city, Hong Kong. Also, our purpose is to improve convenience of patients. Today, everyone travels around the world. Soon we will organize electronic medical chart in order to be able to share examination history here and abroadh

June 29 : Appeared on The Nikkei: gBusiness expansion in China: Opening 7th clinic in Suzhouh

On June 29, 2007, the Tokushinkai Group appeared in The Nikkei's article titled gA Dentistry Tokushinkai Business Expansion in China: Opening 7th clinic in Suzhouh. The article says that the group will take in excellent facilities and technologies from overseas clinics and enhance treatments and services at domestic clinics.

June 4 : Natori Dental Clinic was introduced on Sendai Television

Natori Dental Clinic, one of our Group's largest clinic which opened last May, was introduced in Sendai Television's program gInformation Live Movin'h featuring on cavity prevention week which aired on June 4.

The program introduced the clinic together with some of our patients' comments saying, gThe clinic's unlike dentist appearance and various services in a waiting room makes me feel like being in a restaurant or a pastry shoph, gI'm happy to get treatment in a relax mannerh, etc. Also, they showed kids playing in the clinic's kids corner with a big slide saying that they are not afraid of a dentist.

Also, one of the Group's activities such as inviting a lecturer a manner training class was introduced. To a question asked by a TV program, gwith such a various services and facilities, are the treatment fee expensive?h, the director of the clinic, Dr. Hatakeyama answered gI don't think we are expensive as our treatment is covered by health insurance. We want patients to be happy with our treatment so we explain with electric chart on a treatment table about the treatment as well as its feeh.

We will continue to aim to become a clinic loved by everyone and we all look forward to seeing you at our clinic.

June : Clinical photos of Hidenori Taoka appeared in June 2007 issue of QDT

Clinical photos of Hidenori Takaoka of World Lab Osaka were introduced in June issue of QDT, gNext Generation: Promising Dental Technicianfs Masterpiecesh.

May 15 : Officers of Shanghai Nanhui District government made a clinic visit

On May 15, the vice director of Shanghai Nanhui District People's Government, Shi Xiao Lin and other 6 officers visited our Niigata clinic.

Nanhui District's economic progress is a particulary rapid even among the world's fastest developing city, Shanghai and already several major Japanese companies have already entered the district. As for the Tokushinkai Group, we have a prospect of entering the district between 2005 and 2010 where there will be a medical park that hospitals, education, science research and manufacturing are assembled.

The purpose of the party's visit was to study job site and trainings as well as our business administration and meet with President Matsumura.

May 8 : Clinical photos of Satoshi Sakamoto appeared in May 2007 issue of QDT.

Clinical photos of Satoshi Sakamoto of our Group, World Lab USA, Ultimate Styles Dental Laboratory (SP Dept) were introduced in May issue of QDT gNext Generation: Promising Dental Technitians' Masterpiecesh.

March 28 : Matsumura Dental Clinic Komagome reopend

Matsumura Dental Clinic Komagome was reopened on March 28 after its renovation.

The Komagome clinic with a history of 20 years has reborn with a modern-looking quality space with an environment where Tokushinkai's latest technology and services can be offered.

In order to get a consultation in a relaxing manner, a counseling space has been set up and to facilitate visitation of handicapped patients, the clinic is barrier-free.

We are looking forward to your visit.

March 12 : Tokushinkai Group reevaluated by the credit rating agency

Reevaluation of credit rating took place by Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. (JCR) as of March 12. The result was gBBh (Double B Flat) the same rating as the last time.

On January 30, 2006, the Tokushinkai Group became the world's first to received the credit rating in the dental industry. The Group's governing structure, management culture, and disclosure policy for patients' satisfaction improvement received a comprehensive evaluation.

We will continue to aim to establish an organization that can be highly evaluated by a third party.

February 13 : Tokushinkai Dental Clinic Shanghai received The Annual Best Clinic Award

Tokushinkai Dental Clinic Shanghai won The Annual Best Clinic Award 2006, which is annually selected by the Bureau of Public Health at Changning Ward, Shanghai. This is a splendid accomplishment as it is the 4th consecutive award since the clinic opened in 2002 of Nov. 30.

January 27 : Clinical photos of Naoki Hayashi appeared in January issue of QDT

Clinical photos of Naoki Hayashi of our Group's World Lab USA Ultimate Styles Dental Laboratory (SP Dept), were introduced in January issue of QDT, gMASTERPIECE A Smile with Balanceh.

January 8 : The Tokushinkai Group appeared in January issue of gCORPORATE PHILOSOPHYh

The Tokushinkai Group appeared in a businesss magazine gCorporate Philosophyh (Jan. 2007 issue) featuring 8-pages long interview with the Group's president Hiroshi Matsumura and Tokutaro Tamai, the CEO of Nihon Sozo Kyoiku Kenkyusho. President Matsumura's thoughts from the beginning of the Group's establishment until now and episodes with Mr. Tamai were introduced together with pictures taken at the Group's clinic.

gCorporate Philosophyh is a popular business magazine published under the supervision of Nihon Sozo Kyoiku Kenkyusho and well known companies appeared previously such as Secom Co., Ltd.

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