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A Letterzine from The Tokushinkai Group to Our Patients

Our letterzine is issued periodically and distributed at our clinics.

  • Latest message from the president of the Group
  • Events reports
  • Report from Human Development Academy
  • Suggestions on getting more comfortable treatment and how to spend comfortable moments in our clinics.
  • Suggestions on treatment alternatives and how to select best treatment that meets onefs needs.
  • Reports on comments and suggestions from patients

Click below to read the articles:

Vol.66 2013
Vol.65 2013
Vol.64 2013
New Year 2013
Vol.63 2012
Vol.62 2012
Vol.61 2012
Vol.60 2012
New Year 2012
Vol.59 2011
Vol.58 2011
Vol.57 2011
Vol.56 2011
New Year 2011
Vol.55 2010
Vol.54 2010
Vol.53 2010
Vol.52 2010
New Year 2010
Vol.51 2009
Vol.50 2009
Vol.49 2009
Vol.48 2009
Vol.47 2008
Vol.46 2008
Vol.45 2008
Vol.44 2008

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