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January 20, 2013
International News Co, Ltd.,
gHints on reading successive revolutions - the story from different perspectives- h
February 2, 2012
International News Co, Ltd., gTo Make You Smileh
September 20, 2011
Ishiyaku PublishinggPastƒƒFUTURE ENVISION 77 HEART BEATSh
September 13, 2011
GentoshagSecrets of Japanfs Largest Dental Grouph
July 16, 2010
International News Co. Ltd. “From the Back Alley to the Street”
December 9, 2009
“Web Designing Year Book 2010”
November 21, 2009
“Annual of Web Designing Productions ’10”
August 15, 2009
“Hibi Arata”
December 20, 2006
“The Best Hospitals Rated by Patients”
(Oricon Entertainment)
May 17, 2006
“Kokorozashi Areba Michi Ari”
(IN Tsushinsha)
February 6, 2006
“Niigata no Keizai 50” (Asahi Shimbun Niigata)

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