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Tokushinkai Widely Introduced in Various Media

The Tokushinkai Group has been introduced in various forms of media, including television, newspapers, and magazines, through over 100 established media outlets both domestically and abroad.

Additionally, we publish our own in-house journal entitled gOhisamadayorih\a periodical that allows our patients to get to know more about our treatment procedures, as well as the philosophies and goals of the Tokushinkai Group as a whole.

Our unique educational programs, such as the Human Development Academy, ITTO- JUKU, and the World Vision Training Course have also been a prime target of media attention.

For Inquiries

General Inc.
14th Fl. Meguro Place Tower,1-6-17 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6431-9809 / Fax: 03-6431-9879
Contact Person: Ono

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