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At the Heart of the Tokushinkai Group

As the management division of the Tokushinkai Group, the management department is responsible for all accounting and finance-related matters required to run groupfs business activities. In addition, the department facilitates the flow of information among all of the groupfs divisions, taking an active role in planning, designing, constructing, and operating its facilities. As the heart of the group, the department provides support to all employees of all three divisions of Tokushinkai from the day they join until the day the leave. All personnel affairs such as labor insurance, social insurance, employment regulations, payroll, and attendance management are also facilitated by this division.

Fostering the People Fosters the Group

Our goal at the Tokushinkai Group is not only to cultivate an efficient workforce with masterful skills, but to also cultivate a humanly staff that is truly appreciated and valued by our patients. That is why we regularly hold various educational training programs, including the most notable Human Development Academy, our very own educational program that focuses on enhancing our stafffs ghuman skills.h

Hiring personnel for all divisions of the Tokushinkai Group is also an essential task delegated to the management department. Thus, it only recruits personnel who show great promise in meeting Tokushinkaifs specific needs and projecting the groupfs philosophy, purpose, and vision out into the world.

We Are the Brain of the Tokushinkai Group

From the interior design of the dental clinics to the planning and producing of the groupfs website, posters, pamphlets, and newsletters, the management department is also responsible for the marketing and communications of the Tokushinkai Group. In addition to such PR work, it takes care of the groundwork needed to develop and build new clinics, including matters such as locational surveys, design, construction, and building repair and management.

Additionally, all dental materials used by the clinics are centrally purchased by the management department, allowing the Tokushinkai Group to provide high quality dental treatment to our patients at fair and reasonable prices.



Corporate Outline

Corporate Name General Staff Inc.
Foundation November 1985
Capital 216,000,000 Yen
President Hiroshi Matsumura
Number of Employees 45


Head Office

495 Koshin,
Nishi-ku, Niigata city, Niigata 950-2023


Niitsu Headquarter

3-2-25 Miyuki-cho, Akiha-ku,
Niigata city, Niigata 956-0023


Tokyo Headquarter

14th Fl. Meguro Place Tower,
1-6-17 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0063


Osaka Headquarter

11-37 Toyotsu-cho,
Suita city, Osaka 564-0051


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