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Tokushinkai Group


Â͐lȂ (Iryo wa Hito nari)

In Japanese, gÂ͐lȂ(Iryo wa Hito nari)h is a poetic way of saying that medical treatment is people. In other words, the quality and availability of medical treatment fully depends on the hands of the people working in the field.

It is our mission and purpose to train our dental staff to first and foremost treat patients with humanity, dignity, and tender care\but always being professional, never sparing any effort to improve onefs own professionalism. As a dental healthcare group, we strive to be appreciated and valued by our patients\and this, in turn, becomes our primary motivation within our practice.

Medical Care Shows the Man

Dental Care Philosophy


Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to promoting good health within our community, doing our best to earn the trust and appreciation of our patients.


1: Always be cheerful, tender, and kind
2: Seek to provide high-quality dental care at a low cost
3: Avoid ambiguities and confusion
4: Communicate with patients
5: Take responsibility for one's actions
6: Show respect for the patients' time

Always work with a sense of purpose.
We are making positive progress each and every day.

Medical Care Philosophy

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