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Tokushinkai Group

Group Overview

Tokushinkai Group Overview

Clinic WorldLab GeneralStaff
Including business partners, Tokushinkai now holds 43 dental clinics and operates in 9 countries worldwide, including Japan, China, the U.S.A, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, England, Norway, Australia and Hawaii.Tokushinkai directly manages 36 clinics (26 domestically, 10 in China), and cooperates with 7 other clinics. It also directly manages 9 technical centers gWorld Labsh (5 domestically, 4 in the U.S.A) while in collaboration with 3 other Labs. Lastly, Tokushinkai operates 8 management headquarters.
employs approximately 2,500 people from 12 different nationalities and serves over 800,000 patients a year.
WORLD LAB Inc. works closely with doctors to deliver high-quality restorations quickly and safely. Our dental laboratory division has been expanding not only in Japan but also globally, as our laboratories in the U.S. and China help lead us to worldwide recognition.
The management division of the Tokushinkai Group, is responsible for the overall management of our group, which includes the undertaking of strategic planning, PR planning, personnel development, training and development, facility implementation, material procurement, as well as accounting and financial affairs.



  • Japan : 31 locations
  • China : 10 locations
  • US : 4 locations

(As of March 2014)



The Tokushinkai Group staff is comprised of members from the dental clinics, dental laboratories (WORLD LAB, established in 1999), and management offices (General Staff, established in 1985).

  • Clinics : 119doctors, 99 dental hygienists, 262 dental assistants and receptionists
  • WORLD LAB: 102 staff members
  • MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT : 104 staff members

Number of Visiting Patients Per Year

Approximately 800,000 patients

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