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Tokushinkai Group

About Tokushinkai Group

The Number One Choice of Dental Patients in Japan

As one of Japanfs top dental organizations, the Tokushinkai Group strives to view all facets of dental treatment from the patientfs point of view.

Comprised of three sections\the clinics, WORLD LAB Inc. (dental laboratory division), and General Staff Inc. (management division)\each section focuses on its own specialized field, while cooperating together as a team to provide top-of-the-line dentistry services that respond to each patientfs specific needs.

Since our first clinic opened in Niigata prefecture in 1981, we have been constantly striving to be pioneers in the dental community, becoming industry leaders in the eyes of our patients, staff, and society.

Including business partners, Tokushinkai now holds 43 dental clinics and operates in 9 countries worldwide, including Japan, China, the U.S.A, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, England, Norway, Australia and Hawaii. Tokushinkai directly manages 36 clinics (26 domestically, 10 in China), and cooperates with 7 other clinics. It also directly manages 9 technical centers gWorld Labsh (5 domestically, 4 in the U.S.A) while in collaboration with 3 other Labs. Lastly, Tokushinkai operates 8 management headquarters, gGeneral Staffh (6 domestically, 1 in China), employs approximately 2,500 people from 12 different nationalities and serves over 800,000 patients a year.

In order to provide our exceptional dental services to our patients in the most efficient way, the Tokushinkai Group puts considerable emphasis on the cultivation of human resources. Most notably, our group has established the Human Development Academy, an original educational program that strives to enhance not only our stafffs technical skills, but also their ghuman skills.h The Tokushinkai Group continuously aims to maintain a dental group that measures up to the ever-growing and diversifying needs of patients by cultivating our staff members as part of a world-class industry workforce.

As our nation's healthcare resources become increasingly scarce, we aim to continually improve ourselves and lead the dental industry through these ever-changing times.

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