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Patient Oriented - The Pursuit of Patient-Friendly Dental Practice

Since its foundation in 1981, Tokushinkai has been strongly committed to pursuing patient-oriented dentistry practice.

Including business partners, Tokushinkai now operates in 9countries worldwide, including 43 dental clinics and 9technical centers, employs approximately 2,500 people from 12 different nationalities and serves over 800,000 patients a year.

Benefits of Tokushinkai include:

  1. Safe and secure treatments
  2. Satisfaction of patientsf dignity
  3. Comfort
  4. Convenience
  5. Fairness and Transparency
  6. Reasonable Pricing

Tokushinkai's staff always endeavors to provide such benefits to the fullest.

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Providing Treatment with the Human Touch.

Tokushinkai's clinics are all fully equipped with the latest technology\their cutting-edge CT scanners give highly accurate test results in real time, while their state-of-the-art operating rooms create an environment in which all kinds of advanced dental operations\even some of the most difficult\are performed with speediness and precision. Our spacious examination rooms provide a comfortable environment that helps to reduce the patientfs stress, while private rooms are provided for those who wish for more privacy. Our facilities and staff provide the utmost provisions and care for each and every patient.


Becoming the Number One Dental Laboratory for Every Patient

No matter how high the skill level of the doctor is, it means nothing without also having quality dental products. In today's dentistry field, restorations are mostly either ordered from outside suppliers, or produced by one or two in-house dental technicians for all of their patients. However, such systems make it nearly impossible to provide satisfactory restorations for all of their patients. At Tokushinkai Group, we have our very own WORLD LAB, made up of a large group of highly skilled dental technicians stationed throughout the world, thus making it possible for us to provide quality products while also maintaining a stable supply. Our experienced specialists, including our highly-established gMaster Technicians,h produce each and every one of our patientfs teeth with meticulous care.


Striving to Change the Future of Dentistry

We, the Tokushinkai Group, understand that it is a very difficult task to provide quality dental treatment while simultaneously taking on the daunting tasks of management. By separating our management from our dental treatment facilities, our dental staff is accommodated with an environment that allows them to direct their full attention to dental treatment, thus giving them the adequate time and resources required to focus on and care for each and every patientfs specific needs.

The General Staff at the Tokushinkai Group constantly strive to support all of our facilities in providing the best dental treatment and services in the industry.

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